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Property Management Digital Marketing Agency

Property Management Lead Generation Strategies to Impress Visitors

Property Management Marketing

The US property management industry is an $88.4 billion industry encompassing over 291,000 businesses and employing over 846,000 individuals. Between 2015 and 2020, the industry saw an average growth rate of 2.7%.

Launching a property management company is just the first step to driving landlords and property owners to your doors. You must get the word out there. But property management marketing landscape has evolved incredibly in the past decade. In the past few years, all you needed was referrals, print media, radio, and TV advertising to market your business. The internet has changed that incredibly. Today, over 60% of shopping occasions trace their starting point online. The case is no different when it comes to property management services.

Whereas the demand for property management services is steadily growing, most of your potential clients are looking for services like yours online. It is time you adapt your marketing strategy to this revelation; otherwise, you risk losing lots of business to your competitors who are already harnessing internet marketing for property managers.

The need to create a profitable online presence can be quite intimidating, considering there are plenty of options and picking the best strategy for your business is not as straightforward as you wish.

At RealtyTech Inc, we can help you connect to more property owners and landlords through a combination of award-winning real estate marketing strategies. Read on to learn how our marketing solutions for property managers can transform your businesses.

But if you are ready to manage more properties, get started today by contacting us at 805-413-7888.

Digital Marketing Services that Increase Property Management Leads

Website Design and Development

A website impacts how visitors judge your business. Perhaps you did not know that your website design accounts for over 94% of the first impressions of your property management business. Yes, and on top of that, 75% of your potential customers will judge your business' credibility based on your website.

Your website is more than a digital brochure. It is mainly the first point of contact for potential customers, serving as your 24/7 sales representative that should offer customers the information they are looking for and encourage them to take your desired actions.

But a fantastic website layout is not enough to generate sales that spark growth for your property management agency. If your site is slow loading and inaccessible on mobile devices, you are certainly losing lots of qualified leads to your competitors. Today, visitors expect a website to load within three seconds, and a whopping 50% of landlords and property owners look for property management services using mobile devices.

Working with website designers and developers at RealtyTech, you can stand apart from the horde of competitors and gain the competitive edge you need to drive more property owners to your business. Call us today at 805-413-7888 for a beautifully designed, easily navigable, quick loading, secure, and quick loading web design that catapults conversion for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make it straightforward for search engine bots to crawl, index, and rank your website with search engine optimization(SEO) strategies from RealtyTech.

If your website does not appear on the first page of Google results for property management keywords, it is time you invest in SEO. Why should you? According to Ahrefs report, over half of website visits originate from organic search. But an incredible 75% of web users do not click beyond the first results page. You cannot afford to miss out on such an incredible market and revenue potential.

If you are ready for property management SEO strategies that push your business ahead of the curve and draws the customers you want, do not hesitate to contact us.

Email Marketing

The best way to nurture your leads clients is email marketing. By sending valuable information to their email inboxes, you can always keep your company on top of their mind. And if you want to generate 4200% ROI, email marketing is your best bet, provided you do it right.

Email subscription marks the genesis of this online marketing strategy for property management companies. Here, you use pop-up or in-line forms to compel website visitors to sign up for your newsletters. The next step is segmenting your email list based on what you know about your contacts. This helps you send messages that resonate with each of your segments and guide them through the sales funnel until they convert into paying and loyal clients.

Whereas you may be tempted to buy an email list, you want to avoid this at all costs. It is unethical besides wasting your marketing resources and efforts because you get contacts primarily not interested in what you have to offer.

As an established

Pay Per Click Advertising

A highly controllable advertising channel and boasting a 200% return on investment, pay-per-click advertising is an excellent way to put your business in front of a high-intent audience and drive more qualified visitors to your website. The paid ads appear above the organic search results, with the top 3 ads receiving 41% of the clicks. In PPC, you pay for each click on your ad, not the ad impressions.

Traffic originating from PPC yields 50% more conversions than organic marketing efforts. And while SEO can take months to generate meaningful results, PPC generates almost immediate results.

Property management PPC experts at RealtyTech are certified and experienced in building powerful pay-per-click campaigns using compelling and optimized ad copies that drive high-intent visitors to your site. Also included are engaging landing pages optimized and aligned to your ad copies to convert your website visitors into clients.

Call us today at 805-413-7888 for PPC advertising that captures more qualified leads and elevates revenue growth for your business.

Social Media Marketing

There are incredible benefits to having several social media accounts promoting your property management services. You get an additional venue to expand your online presence, allowing you to put your brand in front of a broader audience of landlords and property owners.

You can also drive instant and consistent leads with social media advertising. Facebook is the most popular social media advertising platform, accounting for over 40% of online advertising. Facebook advertising is less costly than Google Adwords, enabling you to increase your brand awareness more affordably.

At RealtyTech, our comprehensive social media marketing services for property managers can help you stay ahead of the competition. We customize our strategies to your needs, closely monitor the programs, and make data-backed adjustments for maximum conversions. Drop us a message here if you are ready to spark engaging conversations and build meaningful brand-consumer relationships with social media marketing.

4 Strategies for Property Management Marketing

Drive More Leads with Local SEO

You should invest in local SEO to drive local property owners and landlords to your property management firm.

Consider that 46% of individuals performing a search on Google are looking for a local business. And localized searches have increased fivefold in the past few years.

With local SEO, you try to rank your website for local searches related to your business. For example, suppose you serve Calabasas in LA. In that case, you will want to rank favorably for keywords like Property management company in Calabasas, CA or Calabasas Property Management Company, or Property manager in Calabasas, or Residential Property Management Agency in Calabasas. Most importantly, you want your business to feature in Google’s Local Pack, which is a list of the top three local businesses that appears just below Google Map. Today, customers do not even include the term “near me” when searching for local services because they expect search engines to offer them localized results.

To get started with local SEO for property managers, adapt your website for local searches. Incorporate local keywords like the above ones mentioned above in your content to drive local leads to your business. These are usually the long-tail keywords.

A recent voice search survey suggests that 58% of local voice search users use the services to find local businesses at least weekly. You should, therefore, optimize your website for voice search.

Reputation management is now more critical than ever for property management companies because online reviews incredibly influence Local Pack listings and business credibility. So, it is time you start asking previous and current customers to review your property management services on online platforms like Yelp.

It is also critical to claim your Google My Business listing. Verify the correctness of your name, address, and contact information, and add an optimized description of your business. You also want to add photos of your business to draw more eyes and hearts to your business. Do not forget to claim and customize your business pages in review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB, and other industry/niche-specific review sites.

Educate Your Audience with Content Marketing

To showcase your expertise, grow your authority in the property management industry and earn more trust for your business, you have no choice but to invest in content marketing. There exist several types of content marketing you can harness to reach your target audience- thinks blog posts, videos, infographics, case studies, e-books, guides, and more.

The ticket to content marketing success is sharing unique, informative, and engaging content that resonates with the targets you intend to reach. Talking of property management blog ideas, you can write about the benefits of hiring a property manager, a guide to finding the right property management company, and also local housing market trends. With keyword research, you can determine relevant keywords for your content and also discover content ideas.

Remember, it is more of quality than quantity when it comes to content marketing. But you have to post content regularly to stick in the mind of property owners and landlords looking for services like yours. As such, use a content calendar to stay on schedule.

Capture Hot Leads with Pay-Per-Click Ads

This far, you know the basics of pay-per-click advertising for property management companies. But what goes into creating PPC campaigns that capture leads ready to convert?

Get started with finding the right keywords for your PPC campaigns. But you will want to focus more on long-tail keywords for the best results. These keywords contain at least three words, have lower competition, and subsequently, lower cost per click(CPC).

The average CPC, often indicated against each keyword in a keyword research tool, is the average amount businesses pay for a particular keyword. You will need the figures to set an appropriate ad bid, which the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for each click on your ad.

The next step is choosing placements for your ads, which are locations where your ads will appear on Google Display Network or YouTube. Finally, you launch your campaign and continually monitor its performance to make profitable adjustments.

Build Credibility with Online Reviews

Your internet marketing strategies could be generating dozens of leads monthly, and your website could be full of great content, but if you have poor online reviews, potential clients will hesitate to work with you. It comes as no massive surprise that 93% of customers admit that reviews incredibly influence purchase decisions.

Online reviews not only grow credibility for your property management services but also boosts your SEO efforts. A glance at the local business listings on Google results will reveal that the top-ranking businesses often the most top-rated.

So, how do you harness online reputation to become a trusted authority and the go-to property manager for landlords in your service area?

First, offer landlords and property owners impeccable experiences worth a five-star review. If you have already perfected your art but still not seeing recent reviews coming your way, it is time to be proactive- ask.

There is no shame in requesting your customers to leave a review for your services.

AIn fact, 77% of customers are willing to leave an online review if requested. But first, ask open-ended questions with genuine interest to gauge how satisfied your clients are with your services and then ask for a review. And walk the extra mile to respond to your reviews to build trust for your business.

There is incredible value to responding to negative reviews. Thirty-three percent of customers who respond to their negative reviews are likely to change the feedback to something positive. Another 34 percent are likely to delete their reviews. So, whenever you receive a negative review, take responsibility and make it right with your customer.

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Why Choose Realty Tech for Your Property Management Marketing?

The following are the top benefits you gain by choosing RealtyTech as your property management digital marketing agency:

1. Over 15 Years of Experience

RealtyTech brings over 15-year experience in property management marketing to your business. We have worked with hundreds of businesses of all types and sizes and have the expertise to take your business to new heights. Check out our reviews and see the fantastic results we are driving for businesses like yours.

2. Complete Team of Marketing Experts

An agency is as great as the team behind its wheels. When you partner with RealtyTech Inc for property management marketing, you get a diverse team of trained and certified experts, web designers & developers, SEO specialists, PPC experts, copywriters, and more.

3. We Treat You as a Partner

At RealtyTech, we take pride in building formidable partnerships with our clients. Our team knows how to leverage online marketing strategies to grow your brand, but you know best about your industry and business. We highly acknowledge your knowledge and feedback to build a marketing force that keeps you ahead of the competition and grows your revenues.

4. We Stay on Top of Latest Industry Trends

These programs require a lot of work on our part, expert work, ongoing every week. We also need a dialogue with you to gain your expert real estate knowledge of your market.


Property Management Digital Marketing Services FAQs

Online marketing/digital marketing refers to all marketing and engagement activities your property management agency performs online. Online marketing helps increase your visibility, drive new leads for your business, and convert those leads into paying and loyal customers.

Most property owners and landlords are looking for property management services online and comparing multiple options before settling on a particular service provider. You, therefore, need to meet these prospects online to drive sales for your business.

RealtyTech offers full-suite online marketing solutions from web design, SEO, email marketing, PPC, social media, email marketing, analytics & tracking to reputation management.

Most property management companies need web design, search engine optimization, and PPC advertising as top services. The necessity of additional solutions will depend on several factors, including your business needs, goals, and budget.

Your property management business is unique, and a one-size-fits-all marketing solution cannot work. As such, the investment you put towards online marketing will depend on your business size, marketing objectives, marketing budget, and timelines. Most businesses spend between 10% and 20% of their revenue on marketing.  

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