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Real Estate Internet Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an Assistant that works 24/7 for you month in and month
out and only charges you from $149/month?

Our Internet Marketing Packages can do just that for you! Let the search engines work for you by
placing your name and company before hundreds of people every day. RealtyTech can do that for you.

In the ultra competitive Real Estate field online, your name, business and website will not show up prominently on and other search engines prominently unless you have an Internet Marketing Program behind you. RealtyTech has the answer.

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Here’s how it works: Website + IDX + Internet Marketing = SUCCESS!

    1. Choose A Website
    2. Add a Powerful IDX123 MLS Home Search
    3. Pick a Powerful Monthly Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Program

Now you have a complete Turn-Key Internet Marketing Machine!
Enjoy the Leads and Increased Transactions!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):


We have designed a powerful program that includes our specialists accessing your site every month to alter
and add information, keywords and other changes to boost your website up on search engines like Google,
Bing and Yahoo.

For Real Estate, the key for SEO is to pick a location or locations that you want to rank highly for on search engines.(For Example: Your Office City or Cities you specialize in.) With our many programs, we can tailor a personalized program to drive traffic, visitors and leads to you that meet your budget and your goals.

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Local Business Marketing:

Who said there were no more great marketing bargains online that really work? Local Business Marketing (LBM)
allows real estate businesses and agents to get amazing exposure on Google, Yahoo, and Bing at a fraction
of the cost of a full service internet marketing program. This is a nationwide program, but only a limited

We Place You On:

    • Google Local Maps
    • Yahoo and Bing Local Maps
    • Local Directories

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Social Media Packages:


Social Media has become the most visited sector of websites on the internet! How can you NOT have a presence there today? Social Media is today what Cell Phones were back in the 1990s, nice to have but not required. Then cell phones became required, as with email, websites, etc. All of these tools we cannot live without. Social Media is such a tool. You MUST have a Social Presence online.

We Can Get You Started or Improve Your Presence on:

  Agent Blogs

And More!

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Pay-per-Click, Google Adwords:

With a Pay-Per-Click campaign we can get you to the top of Google’s results page in ONE WEEK!
PPC is very helfpul for getting exposure to a new Website as well!

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Agent Branding Videos:

Video Production can be EXPENSIVE but the exposure online for Videos is powerful! What to do?
We have created inexpensive flipbooks that show up just as high on search engines as $5,000 videos
and at a cost from just $499! How do we do it? It’s all in the marketing of the videos, our specialty.

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Press Releases:

Just sell something special? Just list something special? Accomplish a Real Estate Goal? Why keep it a secret?
We can do a press release for you and send it to over 20,000 media publications online and offline to get your
name out there! These releases, when written correctly and distributed with Search Engine Optimization
techniques, can show up very high on Google in a matter of hours!

Call NOW and let us show you how!

Content Creation:

Content is King! Quality custom content is paramount to communication with your prospects and also, with Google.
You see, Google will only highly rank sites with good unique content. Don’t have time to write it? We do!
We can provide affordable custom content and stories that help improve your image, brand and Search Engine
placement to drive more traffic and leads!

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Reputation Management:

How accurate is the information about you, your business and your brand online? Reputation Management
is an emerging field that consists of monitoring and adjusting what is said about you online. Whether it is
malicious or just inaccurate, bad press online can be a critical blow to your business and earning potential.
We can fight for you!
Call NOW and let us show you how!

Get Started Today With A Profitable Business Investment!

There are no free rides anymore online. The competition has become too difficult and if you want to beat your local competition
for that online business, you will need to budget for an online marketing program. Online marketing is a slow but ultimately
promising process and if you stick with it, your investment will bear fruit. At RealtyTech, we are ready to go to work for you
to make your business stand above the rest!


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