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Using Embed Codes (Youtube, Facebook, Etc.)

Download PDF file : Embedding-a-Video.pdf

Using Embed Codes (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Adding a video to your site is a fun way to add some flavor to an otherwise static page. Individuals browsing your page will also be more likely to engage in your content if it’s in video form. As well, getting people to engage with you through social networking can be very beneficial to your business. Embedding is fun and easy and offers a lot of interesting options for improving your website. Follow these easy steps to learn how to embed code into your pages.

NOTE: For this example we will embed a YouTube video, but this tutorial will work similarly to embedding other code to your website.

Step 1
Before we even start, locate the page for the YouTube video you wish to embed on your website. It is recommended that you use your own video footage, or get the permission from the owner of the video before putting it on your website.

Step 2
After locating your video, you will see the “Share” button directly under the video player.

Clicking the “Share” button will drop down the share menu with the video link shown below the video player. You will then have the option to share the video on Facebook, Twitter etc. You will also see the “Embed” button. Click it.

You will now be given the “Embed Code” for embedding the video within your site and some options for the size of the video you would like and more. Once you have chosen the necessary options, highlight the text within the embed code box and right click or CTRL-C to “Copy” the code.

Step 3
Now go back to your Agent123 website and access the Agent Center at the very bottom of the page. Log in to your website. When the Agent Center has loaded, click the “Manage Pages” button at the top of the page within the Dashboard.

Locate the page you would like to edit and press the “Pencil” Icon. This will bring up the Page Attributes Screen. Simply press “Save and edit this page” to continue to your page.

Step 4
Once you have accessed the page you wish to edit, click on the “Pencil” Icon below the Page Title. This will open the content editor.

Step 5
Within the content editor, click on the “Source” button at the top left of the menu. This is the section you will go to whenever you would like to add code directly to your content.

Now simply right click or press CTRL-V to paste in the embed code that you have copied. Now simply click the “Update” button and watch as your embedded content shows up directly on your page!

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