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IDX Real Estate Websites for Agents and Brokers

Beautiful Real Estate Websites with Integrated IDX/MLS Home Search

RealtyTech Inc was established in 2002 in California, USA. We decided to build great products and honor quality of offerings over quantity of Clients. Our Clients are incredibly loyal, many being clients for over seven years, that says something about our dedication to quality products and services.

Real Estate Websites with IDX

Our Responsive Websites and IDX solutions are designed to meet the needs of Agents, Teams, Offices, Companies, Franchises and Real Estate Associations. Our websites come Turn-Key, Semi-Custom or Full Custom for all level of Clients. We can instantly update all our sites globally for features, newest trends and security patches to keep all our Clients at the cutting edge online. Check out our Beautiful Real Estate Websites designed for top real estate agents and realtors.

Real Estate Agent Websites With IDX Real Estate Agent Websites WithIDX
Website With Idx
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IDX Solutions: For Real Estate Websites

We have developed an IDX MLS system over the past 12 years that is second to none in both features and design. To cover areas outside of our own IDX product offerings, we have teamed with the two largest IDX providers in the country and fully integrate their IDX in to our Websites seamlessly to provide nationwide service to our valued Clients.

Idx Solutions for Real Estate Agents Real Estate Websites for Agents with IDX Home Search
Idx Search Real Estate Agent Websites
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  • Real Estate Agent Website Idx Solutions

    Real Estate Agent Websites with Apex IDX

    Simply the best Real Estate Agent Website/IDX Package Available Today!

  • Real Estate Team Website with Idx Solutions

    Real Estate Team Website with Apex IDX

    Our great Website/IDX package formatted for your Team!

  • Real Estate Broker Website with Idx Solutions

    Real Estate Broker/Office Website with Broker IDX

    Feature Packed Professional Office or Company Websites with Broker IDX123

Our Best! Agent123/IDX123 Combo Package : The Agent123 Website and the IDX123 MLS Search represent 12 years of development and improvements. We listen to our Client feedback and this Combo Package has become both our Best Seller and most popular bundle.
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