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Established Real Estate Agents, and NEW Real Estate Agents can really supercharge their business with the proper execution of holding Open Houses.

One technique has been very successful for many or our Clients and the best part is that it is easy, automated and essentially ‘free’ as it is included in your RealtyTech website and IDX!


Now I’m going to tell you what it is and how to do it.

What is it? Signing up Open House visitors to your IDX’s Listing Alerts System. This simple trick will boost your business with extra business generated all year long.

Here’s How You Do It (The devil is in the details!):

The key to this technique is to be proactive, not passive. When a prospect walks into the Open House, greet then and build some report. After they have walked around a bit, walk up to them with a clipboard and ask them what they are looking for in a home. Take notes.

Once you know what they are looking for and where, tell them something like this:

“Mr. and Mrs. Homebuyers, I think I have an idea of what you are looking for. My new website system has a search and find capability. Anytime a new listing comes on the market that matches your needs, my ‘system’ will automatically email it to you. You will get real, certified listings with lots of photos and information right in your inbox. Just call me if you have any questions or want to see one. I’m here to help you find the home of your dreams! So, what is your email so my system can send you new listings? You can cancel the free service anytime you want, there is no obligation.”

Once you get their email address, go to your website and set up a search for them in your IDX, save the search with their email address and presto! They will be getting branded listing alerts with your photo from that moment on, building your report with them and keeping you in their world, and them in yours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why shouldn’t I use my MLS’ Listing Alerts program?
Because you want them on YOUR website with YOUR branding. This allows them to be on your site, learn more about you, see your face on pages, and set up their own searches and save homes all on your site of which they are now a member. They will learn that your site has certified MLS listings unlike Zillow and others that often have out of date and incorrect listings.

Can I do this Outside of Open Houses?

Of Course, in fact you should. Every person you know should at least be approached to receive the listing alerts from you. In fact your first signup should be YOU. Why, because you need to see how it works from your prospect’s point of view.

How about looky-loo neighbors? Should I sign them up?

Absolutely! These may be your very best prospects of all! They see you know the area, they have met you and not you have an opportunity to easily market to them for their future listing and move. Just tell them you will sign them up for all activity with about three miles of them, new listings, and recent sales. This way they can keep abreast of the updates in their own neighborhood. What a great service to offer them and they will remember you when it becomes time to sale. Now you have become an expert in their eyes for their neighborhood. Who better to list their most important investment?

Does it work?

Yes, I have direct testimonials from Clients that have made many extra deals by using your website’s IDX listing alerts. One Client from Sant Clarita California told me he made an extra $100,000 in commissions in 2015 from averaging about sixty (60) signups getting emails every day. I’m sure he had comparable success in 2016. Think about it. If you have 60 custom pinpointed emails going out each morning to sixty prospects, you know a few are going to pop over a year period.

Let’s do the math: 60 daily custom email alerts going out each day X 365 days =21,900 automated emails per year. All while you are sitting in your kitchen having the first cup of coffee.

If you are currently working this type of program, let me hear about it!

Thank you for your time,

Richard Uzelac, CEO RealtyTech

Richard Uzelac is a former award winning Realtor and Office owner. He later went on to be the Director of Production for, and for Richard Uzelac is available for Speaking, Seminars, and Coaching. He is also available to speak during office meetings and at Boards of Realtors.