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The GreatSchools data is displayed below the Map in the Detailed Listing view of the IDX search results on every single listing on our RealtyTech Client websites for both Agents and Companies. The data includes the schools’ proximities to the listing, rating and grade level. When clicked, each school name automatically links to its individual GreatSchools profile in a new window for extended information about each educational institution.

A property’s school district is often a deciding factor in the homebuyer’s decision. Having the new school demographic data displayed on the listings helps streamline the home search process and enhances the user experience on the IDX123 system. It also helps retain visitors during the home search process because they will not have to leave the search results to find this information.

RealtyTech Adds GreatSchools Data to IDX123

RealtyTech Adds GreatSchools Data to IDX123

“We strive to add the most desired information to our IDX home search,” said RealtyTech CEO, Richard Uzelac. “Adding this feature to our IDX123 system increases the value offered to our clients, and ultimately the new prospective home owners and their families. We are proud of our relationship with such a positive non-profit organization such GreatSchools and as usual, there is no additional charge to our valued RealtyTech Agent123 Website clients nationwide.”

The new GreatSchools Demographic Information upgrade has been added to RealtyTech’s IDX123 service and to every existing client. New RealtyTech Clients will receive this new feature automatically going forward. This feature is already increasing Prospect time on Agents’ websites, a sign of greater engagement between Client and Prospect.

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