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Social media platforms are a great way for Realtors® to keep in touch with past clients and to gain exposure to new clients. In today’s online marketing environment, it is beyond beneficial for a company to have its social media sites connected to its main website.


Successful social media profiles will drive traffic to the company’s website and enhance online credibility. The use of social media humanizes a company or brand by giving them a voice and an online personality.


“We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our Clients to connect their social media profiles to their websites,” said RealtyTech CEO, Richard Uzelac. “Adding this feature to our Agent123 Websites will help our Clients get the most return from the work they are putting in on social media.”


The new feature is available through the Site Settings Menu in the Dashboard of RealtyTech’s Agent123 Websites. Agents can now add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pintrest, Blogger and Instagram to their websites by adding their social media links in this section. Icons will appear for each platform at the top right in the header. These icons will open the social media profiles in new windows automatically when clicked.


“Today’s homebuyers know that there is an endless amount of Realtors® online,” added Uzelac. “Social media is used to show homebuyers who they are working with and can be the deciding factor that distinguishes one Realtor® from another.”