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The secret to success in real estate investment lies in keeping up with customers' evolving needs and the latest marketing trends.

But putting real estate services in front of the right audience can be quite challenging. Thankfully, a few proven real estate marketing methods help agencies sell homes more effectively and way faster than before. In this post, experts from RealtyTech have compiled top real estate marketing trends of 2021 you can leverage to grow your business, whether you are getting started or revamping your marketing strategy. Let us dive in.

1. Website Redesign

A website redesign can help keep up with the changes in user behaviour and maximize results you get by online marketing. With the world shifting towards the “new normal in 2021” following the COVID 19, your real estate website has become an important source that drives new leads and sales.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy 2021 -  Website Redesign

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2. Social Media Marketing

Millions of individuals in the US use social media, offering businesses an excellent platform to showcase their products and services. And engage with existing and potential customers on a more personal level.

Social media marketing does not have to scare you. Start with building a community by implementing Facebook and Instagram stories, giveaways, captivating visuals, or even sharing events in your neighborhood. And showcase your work's quality and superb results to build trust and confidence.

Using the data available on social media platforms, you can advertise your real estate services to high-intent prospects and decrease the conversion time. You get the opportunity to target prospects with similar demographics, interests, and online behavior as your past or existing clients. Still, Twitter allows you to advertise to target prospects based on their tweets.

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Real Estate Marketing Idea 2021 - Social Media Marketing

3. Use of Aerial Cameras

The film, sports industries, and security companies are increasingly investing in drone technology. Most businesses risk lagging behind the competition if they do not catch up with this trend.

Drone camera tech allows you to produce dramatic images and videos of landscapes and property exteriors, cutting off the tedious process of arranging photoshoots, panoramas, lighting, and difficult photo angles.

Before the drone technology, a slow zoom directly into the streets, a 360 panorama and a close up bird's eye view of a property, and other unique shots were virtually non-existent. Now you can leverage these dynamic shots to showcase listed homes in a cooler and more accurate manner.

Drones are also great for capturing overhead site maps of a property with the camera focused straight down. However, it is impossible to capture expansive sites in one shot. But you can digitally combine several pictures into a continuous and more detailed image. Incorporate these dramatic visuals in your property listings, social media strategy, and communication with potential clients to close more sales in 2021.

Real Estate Marketing Idea 2021 - Use of Aerial Cameras

4. Virtual Tours

COVID-19 has incredibly limited in-person interactions. Therefore, it is not surprising that virtual tours are becoming a top priority for real estate agents looking to attract more prospects and stand out in the crowd.

Serving as your 24/7 marketing agent that prospects can access anytime from their internet-enabled gadgets, virtual tours should be among your top real estate marketing strategies for 2021 and beyond. They allow interested parties to take a visual walk through a property remotely on their mobile device or personal computer. Potential property buyers can check each room in a listed property and zero on details like lighting fixtures, décor, and flooring design. The technology also allows you to accentuate the best features to lure interested individuals into buying a property. You can use online tools to turn typical 360 viewings into a comprehensive and fantastic interactive experience complete with help text and narration.

By integrating virtual tours in your real estate marketing strategy, you do not have to meet each interested party. Resultantly, you get more time to focus on other areas of your business and save on the logistics of meeting clients in person and showing them your properties.

Moving into 2021 and beyond, we expect virtual tours to remain a major selling point for most real estate agencies.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy 2021 - Virtual Tours

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is an affordable way to keep qualified leads flowing into your business, particularly during the current economic uncertainties when real estate firms leverage smart ways to reduce marketing expenses.

At the foundation of content marketing lies an attractive, clutterless, and easy-to-navigate website. Use a blog to deliver new content to your targets, build thought leadership, elevate your ranking on search engine results, and generate new leads.

A content calendar is critical to maintaining content quality and keeping your publishing schedule in check. Your content must be helpful and offer practical answers to your target audience's queries. To rank favorably and increase your visibility on search engines, be sure to optimize your content with highly relevant keywords.

Combine visual and written content, including blog posts, infographics, ebooks, YouTube videos, webinars, and photographs to increase engagement levels. And share your content on social media to increase reach.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy 2021 - Content Marketing

6. Email Marketing

Email is an excellent way to update prospects on offers, industry trends, real estate tips, company news, new property listings, and other relatable content.

Email marketing boasts an incredible return on investment, allowing you to group targets at the same buying process stage and with similar interests.

The first step towards a successful email campaign for real estate is building an email list using a clear subscription button on your site or blog. But note that the quality of your content determines whether a visitor wants to hear from you often. So, be keen on providing value to build a loyal email community.

Evaluating email marketing results helps you refine campaigns and focus on profitable prospects. Check how many recipients open your email, click on your links, and take your desired action. Always seek permission to send emails, personalize your messages, and encourage action to generate better results.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy 2021 - Email Marketing

7. Charity and Community Service

How are you impacting your local community, especially during these trying times? Community involvement is an incredible way for real estate agencies to give back and use their influence in the community to their advantage.

There are several ways to benefit your community and agency. Leverage charity initiatives, from supporting programs for differently-abled kids to donating to the less fortunate to level up your community and draw more interest into your business. Sponsor a walk for a cause such as local children's hospital and cancer awareness, or organize a donation drive for the local animal shelter. You can also collaborate with a non-profit organization to offer affordable housing.

Bear in mind that young people are the next generation of home buyers and real estate agents, so you will want to involve more of them in community activism.

With COVID-19 subjecting communities to harsh realities, we can safely conclude that community involvement will undoubtedly help real estate professionals grow their brand awareness in 2021.

8. Build a Referral and Review System

Another way to catapult your real estate marketing in 2021 is to build a system of referrals and reviews. It does not hurt to request clients to recommend your agency to friends a month or so after a successful transaction. You can also integrate your Yelp profile in your email signature and website. Subsequently, ask property buyers and sellers satisfied with your services to post feedback about the transaction process on Yelp. But ensure you provide lots of value to obtain genuinely positive feedback.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy 2021 -  Referrals and Reviews System

9. Automation

Marketing automation for real estate streamlines your marketing efforts, offering you more time to concentrate on customer engagement. It is all about automating marketing and sale tasks and workflow, including segmenting customers and prospects, social media posting schedule, email automation, viewing schedule management, etc.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy 2021 -  Automation

By automating every data point of your marketing campaigns, you gain speed, accuracy, and consistency. Still, automation increases your scope, enabling you to serve many customers and leads seamlessly. But remember, real estate marketing automation tools are there to free up time and ease operations, but not to eliminate the need to nurture relationships with prospects and customers. Therefore, you will avoid over-zealous application of automation, which may your marketing efforts seem too robotic and out of touch with personal engagements.

10. Leverage Webinars

Sharing your knowledge and experience as a real estate professional is essential for effective marketing.

Techniques such as online workshops and webinars can help you showcase your expertise to a broad audience. Partner with local businesses, such as lenders and home improvement companies, to host webinars on topics relatable to individuals thinking of making real estate moves. For instance, together with a home renovation expert, you can discuss the top 10 improvements sellers can add value to their properties.

Webinar content will vary depending on the targets' tastes, but strive to make it as valuable as possible.

Real Estate Marketing Idea 2021 - Leverage Webinars

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Generate More Qualified Leads for Your Real Estate Business

With the above real estate marketing trends of 2021, you are sure to drive more customers to your business. Implement each of them, testing to see their effectiveness and make profitable adjustments.

If you need help generating more leads and sales for your business, RealtyTech has got you covered with industry-leading real estate marketing solutions. From social media management, web design, reputation management, email marketing, marketing automation, and others. Call us at 805-413-7888 or message us online to learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation with our marketing experts.