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You think you have a great website, and you do. You think you have a wonderful IDX, and you do.
So what is the Problem?  What’s Missing?

*firstname*. You are Missing.

Picture this: A visitor goes to your site. Obviously they already know something about you or want to learn more about YOU. Your website is supposed to be ABOUT YOU.
What do 99% of Agents sites communicate about that Agent?
A Name, a Photo and a generic Bio. that’s it. Where’s the humanity? Where is your uniqueness? What makes you special? What markets do you specialize in?
Is it interesting to visit such a site? NO!

How do you fix it? Let me show you how.

The two key areas you need to concentrate on to personalize your website are:

  • Agent Personalization
  • Market Targeting

Agent Personalization:

  • Agent Bio: Take the time to tell them about you. Add your experience, your qualifications, certifications, education. Then add your hobbies, interests, causes, charities. This will allow the visitors to connect with you on a personal level.
  • Video: Consider doing short informational videos about you as a person. You like baseball, dogs, your church, whatever you can talk about to let them know how special your area is to you.
  • Community Info: Add local info that you know someone in your marketplace would like to see such as school info, libraries, parks, great restaurants, etc.
  • Your Marketing Plan: Add a page about how you would market their home. Tell them what you would do, how you focus your efforts and your success.
  • Testimonials: A good testimonial is like gold for you. Try to get as many as you can.  A video testimonial, or audio is even better than a written one.

Market Targeting: 

This is my personal favorite. These days buyers and sellers see many real estate websites. 99% have an IDX that covers the entire MLS and beyond. Be a specialist and get more respect and visitors online.

  • Create Local pages for your website. Add at least three pages for areas/cities/communities that you specialize, farm or just like to work it. Write about each area and why you are the expert in that area. Include an instant search or gallery of homes from the IDX in that area too. Add community info too. Make that area yours and your visitors will see you as the area’s expert.
  • Add Thumbnails to different areas on the home page. Mention the areas in several ways on the homepage.
  • SEO for Local Marketing; Add the keywords and metatags needed for Google to rank you highly for your areas, sending more traffic to your website.

So there you have it, a short description on how to raise your website game and your traffic and leads by being more personal on your website.