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There is no doubt that real estate is a highly competitive and dynamic industry. It takes will, determination, passion, and a drive to succeed in building a profitable and successful real estate career. And being a real estate agent is not for pushovers!

It is not surprising that the real estate industry is incredibly competitive. Did you know that as of April 2021, there were almost twice as many active agents as available property listings? With so many realtors and real estate professionals saturating the market, many real estate agents wonder how they can stand out.

Successful real estate agents are motivated and put in the hours to succeed and stand out from their competitors by using digital marketing and real estate SEO. They also practice time management. If you are not as successful as you want to be, you must cultivate the right success habits to break the cycle of defeat and discover your true potential as a real estate agent and a person.

Good Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

You might struggle to find the right mentors to guide you in this new career, or you may be at a loss as to how you should spend your time each day.

If you are finding it hard to deal with the varying demands of your clients or struggling with managing time, use these tips for real estate agents.

1. Establish Clear and Actionable Goals

It is not sufficient to say that you would like to be the top performer in your firm or brokerage. Keep in mind that one of the good habits for real estate agents is that they have clear and measurable goals. For example, these goals can include:

  • How many homes do you have to sell in order to become the top performer?
  • The number of cold calls you must make each week to uncover prospects
  • How many quality leads will you need to convert to meet your goal?

Setting goals is a crucial step in any plan. You must decide where you are going, how you will get there, and the resources and funds required. You should establish clear goals regarding lead generation, blog entries, concluded deals, and listings.

Wishful thinking does not sell homes or make dreams come true. So, if you are serious about growing and improving your career, consider setting realistic goals for each aspect of your business.

2. Maintain Connections with Your Past Clients

Successful real estate agents know that word-of-mouth marketing, such as referrals, works wonders for business. Who better to tell others how fantastic you are than your past clients? You should develop relationships with your clients even after the sale.

Being a successful and savvy real estate agent means always keeping in touch with past clients. This is because you never know when somebody will need to list their home or commercial property again. It is one of the best ways to foster word-of-mouth referrals.

According to a Nielsen report, 92% of consumers believe suggestions and recommendations from family and friends more than advertising. To make the most of word of mouth, you should ask your previous clients to refer you and to write a Google, Yelp, or Facebook recommendation. You can also send your past client’s newsletters every month and holiday cards around the holidays. This will help you keep yourself front and center in their minds.

Highly successful real estate agents grow their businesses and firms by being referred to by credible and reliable sources, and nobody is more credible than your previous clients.

3. Leverage Social Media and Digital Real Estate Marketing

It would help if you published frequent updates for prospects on your social media channels, such as Facebook. It will increase your online visibility in search results. The more often you post current and accurate information on your blog, website, or social media profile, the more likely you will be seen in search results by potential homebuyers and sellers.

You can also tweet about breaking news or developments in your neighborhood frequently, and you will quickly gain followers! Note that loyal followers can become excellent sources of referral business.

Work on online real estate marketing. This is because people often turn to the internet when they need any type of information, including service recommendations for experts and professionals, such as real estate agents, and visit real estate websites to find more.

The National Association of Realtors revealed that 95% of prospective homeowners search for homes online, making it essential to work on your digital presence, especially your website. Search engine algorithms are considerably more astute than they were years ago. It is hard to trick Google into ranking your website by stuffing lackluster and short content chock full of keywords.

You should incorporate relevant keywords and phrases in natural and logical ways and add multimedia options where appropriate.

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4. Successful Agents Take Care of Their Appearance

A successful real estate agent is aware of the importance of first impressions. They show that they take the smallest appointment seriously by trying to appear their best in every situation. They are aware of the value of appearance and understand the power of projecting professionalism.

They want to be taken seriously by everyone they work with, whether it’s a customer, another agent, a prospective seller, a lawyer, or a lender.

5. Understand Your Target Audience and Neighborhoods

Winning repeat business is easier for top performers. This is because they are experts on the unique needs and preferences of their clients. For example, they understand what appeals to their clients, their goals, and their challenges. This is why their clients feel confident and assured in recommending them to their peers.

So, create an ideal client persona and work toward getting their attention. Make your clients feel that you understand them and take special note of their unique concerns, addressing them with possible solutions.

As the real estate business is mainly local, successful real estate agents are always learning more about their local area. For example, they track all the vital housing and demographic data as well as events and county politics. Top real estate agents are also extensively involved in the local community as they know and understand that it’s a valuable networking method.

6. Effective Time Management

Being a real estate agent is essentially like being a small business owner. This is because you have to juggle everything from taxes and accounting to marketing and hiring. Also, you must maintain your business and find new clients. The only and best way you can do all that successfully is smart time management.

The to-do list for a busy real estate agent is often overwhelming. Busy agents must learn how to manage their time effectively in order to complete all of the daily tasks. They prioritize tasks that advance deals and provide them with the most return on their efforts while minimizing, eliminating, or delegating tasks that could eat up their time.

7. Find a Mentor

In the highly competitive and changing real estate industry, it can be challenging to find someone to share their knowledge and expertise with you. However, someone is out there! You can always learn something new, and who better to follow and take note from than a prominent industry veteran?

With their knowledge and wealth of experience, you will walk away from your lunch or coffee meeting with more insights and knowledge to overcome serious business challenges.

8. Be a Planner

Great real estate agents and realtors take the time to devise a plan for each client. Also, they always come prepared with a schedule that they think is best, including tasks or activities that must be checked off before the process is complete.

Successful people do not reach their goals by accident. The good fortune you see is likely the result of plenty of hard work combined with a healthy dose of planning and research.

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9. Be Transparent and Accountable in Your Communications

Top-performing real estate agents usually take personal responsibility for the success and satisfaction of their clients. And they work extra hard in order to communicate clearly and consistently. Whether it is a formal document that needs signing or an appointment with a property appraiser, you should try your best to maintain timely communications with clear and simple instructions for your clients.

10. Avoid Burnout

Successful agents know and understand that they must preserve their energy and resources to continue growing their business. These agents make an effort to schedule time away from their work.

Similarly, you should realize the importance of work-life balance. Another tip is to have a morning routine. The structure of your morning routine should spill into the rest of your day, helping you plan your time more effectively.

Summing Up

There isn’t any single tried-and-true secret to creating a successful and profitable real estate business. However, successful agents believe that the above habits and tips contribute to their good fortune. It would help if you incorporated these habits into your routine to develop sound business practices.

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